Get Live Blood Worms and Get The Better Fish!

Live Blood Worms

Live Blood Worms are the premium bait when chasing Winter or Summer Whiting, when you want the best fish you need the best bait available.

We keep in stock (Weather and Tides pending) a great supply of Fresh Local Live Blood Worms and you can even book your Bait in advance to ensure they are there when you need them!

Tackle Land Sandgate is the major supplier of Live Blood Worms on Brisbane’s Northside!

Not sure how to use these as Bait, well it is pretty straight forward. I normally use a Mustad Bait-holder longshank #4 or #6 and a small Ball Sinker about #1 or #2 and for effect I will use a small piece (about 6cm long) of either Traditional “Red” or “Fluro Pink” Tubing.

I will cut a piece of Blood Worm approximately 2-3cm long and simply thread it straight onto the hook leaving about 3-5mm of worm after the hook. If i am not using “Bait-holder” hooks I will slide the worm over the knot at the top just to help stop the worm sliding to the base of the shaft.

If you are fishing with kids, just remember that these worms Bite! An incident like this can give kids really bad memories and may even put them off fishing, so please explain to them before they find out by accident!

If the kids are new to fishing we have a great little article on fishing with kids that might just save you some grief!

Call to reserve yours on: 3269 5060

Fishing is good with Live Blood Worms
Live Blood Worms

Have you wanted to get Live Blood Worms before a trip but you’re not sure how to keep them healthy overnight?

We have put together a quick “How To” guide for you to ensure you keep them at their best!


Keep Us at Our Best

To keep your Blood Worms at their peak, please follow these guide lines:
• Keep us “Cool” we like to be kept at about 18 degrees.
• Keep us out of the direct sunlight as we don’t have ears to hang our sunnies on!
• Change our Sea Water twice a day if you are going to travel with us or keep us for a few days.
• We would love a larger container if we are going to stay for a while..
• Pick the older or dead ones first, it keeps our water cleaner and us healthier.
• Please don’t take us out of the “containment Zone”


We Make Your Fishing Trip an Experience

We Make Your Fishing Trip an Experience and to keep you enjoying your experience we offer these awesome services and more:
-Reel Spooling in both Mono & Braid
-Rod & Reel Repairs & Servicing
-Custom Rod Building Service
-Local Knowledge on Fishing areas, Baits and Rigs
-Advice on techniques to keep the kids catching fish
-Knot tying tuition
-We have your “Ice” needs covered with a choice of Large, Medium, Small Block Ice and Party Ice as well!
-Need to know local family friendly fishing spots? We have the spots for you at:
We don’t just want to sell you the gear, we want to be a part of your fishing experience!
Drop in and chat with the Crew and help us guide you!

At the end of your trip or days outing you find that you have left over bait, don’t throw it out, recycle where you can.

You can use “Salt” or most people use “Metho” for preserving their left over bait. I find that Metho is the quicker and easier method for preserving my bait but if I have the time, I find Salting gives me a longer shelf life for my bait.