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GoPro Hero3+


 Gopro Hero 3 series Overview


GoPro Hero 3+ The camera that started a revolution is now available at Tackle Land.

Impossibly small. Impressively high performance. Incredibly versatile. It all adds up to a camera that makes it easy for anyone, anywhere, to capture stunning photos and video of their life’s most meaningful experiences.

We are excited to have this GoPro Hero 3 range available for you.


You can have your GoPro Hero 3+ mounted in your boat, Canoe or even Kayak to capture those moments for your friends and family to see, you might even be able to show off “That one that got away!”

The Boys new Toys
The Boys new Toys

Come on in store and check out our GoPro Hero 3 and take a moment to watch the footage on the   Screen.

This will also make an ideal Christmas Gift for that person who is so hard to buy for…

The places you can take them and the methods in which you can use this GoPro Hero 3 camera is limited only by your imagination!

So, pick one up and capture those moments that you have only dreamed of, how creative are you?


The list of attachments to make this camera more versatile for you is continually growing with new ideas being explored every day.

Some of these GoPro Hero 3 accessories include:

  • Head Mount
  • Chest Mount
  • Jaws Flex Mount
  • Suction Cup Mount
  • Tripod Mount
  • Pole Mount and
  • Rollbar Mount.

There are others available and more on the way! If you need more information on GoPro Hero 3 you can go to:

GoPro Hero 3+ Jaws Flex Clamp
Jaws Flex Clamp
GoPro Hero 3+ Chest Mount
Chest Mount
GoPro Hero 3+ Roll Bar Mount
Roll Bar Mount
GoPro Hero
GoPro Hero 3+ Head Mount
GoPro Hero 3+
GoPro Hero 3+ Pole Mount

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