“Bait Shop Near Me” – Tackle Land Sandgate

For years I struggled to find a dedicated Bait Shop near me that sold quality bait and tackle.

There were ample places like Servo’s BCF, Anaconda that all sold the same bait from a major wholesaler.

They do this because it was quick, cheap and it was really just a convenience for them.

The bait truck rocks up, checks the freezer, gives it bit of a clean and restocks it as required.

The Store Staff really don’t do anything except put it through the sales register.

Here at Tackle Land Sandgate, I decided to change things up a bit for the fisho’s that wanted a fresh, local bait.

So I source as much “Local” produce as I can and we do most of the preparation as well.

We get as much Local “Prawns, Squid and Cuttlefish” from the trawlers that we and our freezer can handle.

So we not only get the freshest product but we keep the money in our local area.

Fresh Bay Bait Prawns

When we see a tray full of prawns we’re very happy, that is fresh quality bait getting ready for our fishos.

Live Blood Worms

In most cases our Live Blood Worms have only been locally harvested less than 12 – 24hrs.

From there, they are packaged up in water and handled over to you ready to catch you dinner.

Between being collected and sold, Blood Worms are housed in a temperature controlled system to maintain them in their prime condition.

Cured Beach Worms

Our Cured Beach Worms can be living on the Beach one day and in our freezer the very next day.

We receive regular re-stocks and this ensures you get the best quality Beach Worm.

You know that ours have not been sitting in a warehouse freezer for months!

When you search “Bait Shop Near Me” you will find quality baits and tackle.

We believe that the best Bait and Tackle is the heart of any great Tackle Store, big or small.