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Tackle Land Tiemco Lure Range

Tiemco Lures at Tackle Land Sandgate When the fish are playing hard to get, you sometimes need to break out an equalizer! Tiemco Lures Australia have a very extensive range of lures that are rarely seen in Australia. The Japanese Market is fully of quality lures that can be hard to get your hands on […]

Daiwa Sokkou Knot Tying Tool

With a lot of the Braided Lines becoming finer, Knots are becoming harder to tie! We would like to introduce the Daiwa Sokkou Knot Tool. The Sokkou Knot Tool is one of the simplest tools for tying leader connections in light braided lines to monofilament leader. Why use the Daiwa Sokkou Knot Tool? Traditional knots […]

Tairyo Fishing Rod Collection

  When you discovery a great product the does not let you down, support it and show it to as many people as you can! Tackle Land found such a product with Anglermate and their Tairyo Fishing Rod series and we are very proud to be able to stock such a large selection and this […]

New Bait – Fish Brait

  Sometimes people have a great idea, well one has come along… Introducing “Brait” It looks like Bread, feels like Bread but it is not Bread! As we know there are a lot of different fishing baits out there and we know that there are quite a few species that love eating Bread Baits. Keeping […]

GoPro Hero 3 – Tackle Land

   Gopro Hero 3 series Overview   GoPro Hero 3+ The camera that started a revolution is now available at Tackle Land. Impossibly small. Impressively high performance. Incredibly versatile. It all adds up to a camera that makes it easy for anyone, anywhere, to capture stunning photos and video of their life’s most meaningful experiences. […]

Squid Fishing Survival Pack

  Squid Fishing Survival Pack – The Tackle to have to Tackle the Job!   Catching Squid in South East Queensland was previously an activity for bait collection or to put a unique meal on the table. The tides have now turned and catching the humble Squid has become a popular sport in the winter […]

Penn – Let The Battle Begin!

    Fifty years ago we introduced the toughest spinning reel the world has ever known. Until now….Introducing the fifth generation of Spinfisher®, the Spinfisher V – Available NOW in-store at Tackle Land Sandgate so Penn – Let the Battle begin!. The new Spinfisher V includes several significant upgrades, making this the most advanced addition […]