Second-hand Fishing Gear

The Shed

These days it is hard to keep a dollar in you pocket, so we have opened a Second-hand Fishing Gear Shop called “The Shed here in Sandgate!

Rods and Reels

Don’t just think “Second-hand Fishing Gear” a lot of it is End of Line Stock from suppliers, Rods, Reels, Lures that people have bought, left in the packets and sold or traded to us as Second-hand Fishing Gear.

You will find Brands like:
• Shimano Rods and Reels;
• Daiwa Rods and Reels;
• G. Loomis;
• Penn Rods and Reels;
• Samurai Rods;
• Gary Howard Rods;
• Wilson Rods and Reels;
• Venom Rods;
• Alvey Reels Small, Medium and Large, even a couple of Really old Timber Deck Winches
• Rapala / Storm Rods; and
• Fly Fishing Outfits
• Other brands as well.


Then you will find a huge range of New and Used Lures.
Brands include:
• ZMan;
• Storm;
• Gulp;
• Zerez;
• Shimano;
• Daiwa;


Can’t find Handmade Flies? Look no further, we have hundreds of handmade Flies!
• Wet;
• Dry;
• Snakes,
• Ants
• Crickets,
• Clousers,
• Crabs,
• Caterpillar’s
• Bright ones,
• Dull ones,
• Shiny ones; and
• What The ones!

We have a couple of Brands in Skirted Lures, Rigged and Unrigged Todd’s Lures for trolling that are primarily USA based but rewarded one of our customers with a 60kg Yellow Fin Tuna!

Fishing Line

There is a selection of both Braided Lines and Mono Lines from 6lb to 80lb and we can even spool it on your reel while you wait!

Second-hand Boating Gear

On top of the Second-hand Fishing Gear we also carry a small range of new and used Boating Gear, from:
• Fuel tanks;
• Steering Cables;
• Battery Boxes;
• Cleats – Flush Mount to raised mount;
• Paddles & Oars;
• Electric Winch;
• Jockey Wheels;
• Spare Wheels complete;
• Boat Seats;
• Pedestals;
• Fuse Blocks; and
• So much more!

Boating Gear

Second-hand Camping Gear

Are you are looking for quality second-hand camping gear, then we have you covered:
• Sleeping Bags;
• Camp Stretchers, Single & Double;
• Swags;
• Hammocks;
• Cast Iron cooking pots;
• Blow up Mattress’s;
• Camp Lights, Gas and Battery;
• Gas Burner Stoves, 1, 2 3 and 4 Burners;
• Tents, from 1 man to Family Tents;
• Camp Kitchens;
• Camp Chairs;
• Camp Food Storage;
• Plus, so much more!

Second-hand Odd Stuff!

Want weird and wonderful? You are covered!
• Shot Glasses;
• Ammo Boxes from WW2;
• Metal Army Trunks (Great for chilling Beers at a party!);
• Long Line Floats;
• Hanging Pot Plants (Made from Long Line Floats);
• Antique Fire Extinguishers;
• Beer Glasses;
• Scotch Glasses;
• Cane Fishing Creels;
• Fishing Knives;
• Cast Nets New and Old
• Razor Scooters;
• Pushbikes;
• Fishing Pliers;
• Braid Scissors;
• Brass Propellers
• A Really, Really Old Vintage Brass Porthole!
• We even have old Rabbit Traps!!!

For those that can’t make up their mind, we have a fully functioning “Claw Machine” full of Lures!

Winning on the Claw Machine!
Winning on the Claw Machine!

If you want to see more, check out “The Shed”

When you pick up your new outfit from The Shed, brush up on some fishing skills at Tackle Land “Fishing Tips”