Bream Fishing Report by Tyler Browne December 2017

Bream Fishing
Bream at Shorncliffe Pier

Fishing with Lures and Targeting Bream around Pylons

I have been fishing on the Shorncliffe Pier and there has been some great Bream being caught.

Fishing around the pylons and the pontoon on the outgoing tide this where I focus on fishing with lures and targeting Bream around pylons.

Bream have been feeding on the barnacles that have built up over time and the little bait fish that are taking shelter by the pylons.

When targeting Bream around the pylons you must be prepared to lose gear.

Another key aspect to targeting Bream is that they can be very fussy eaters, so do not let one session with nothing, deter you from using lures.

A key to catching Bream on lures is to use light line so that it is a bit harder for the Bream to see.

Line used could be the difference to catching the Bream or not catching anything.

Use Fluro Leader

So where possible try and use Fluorocarbon Leader, also known as fluro, this line is nearly invisible in the water due to the materials used and the structure of the line.

Selecting Plastics and Jig Heads

When it comes to soft plastics and jig-heads, people can get over whelmed with vast variety of lures and jig heads.

I would normally start with ZMan Slim Swimz in the Opening Night as I like to keep it as natural as possible.

I generally use the ZMan Headlockz 1/8oz x 1L and a change as I change depth.

It can be really simple if you know what you need. So here are a few tips to select the appropriate jig heads and lures;

Quick Tips

First tip; When selecting a jig head you must consider the depth of the water that you will be fishing, but if you do not know how deep the water is you can ask someone in the Tackle Store.

Second tip; Also when selecting jig heads you also must consider the soft plastic size that you will be using so that the hook will fit in the soft plastics so that the plastic action is not constricted by the jig- head.

Third tip; When selecting a soft plastic you will have to think about what type of food and the size and the size of food that the fish eats that you are targeting and also what they would eat in the location that you are fishing in.

Forth tip; What soft plastic you pick, consider the colour of the water and the bait fish in the area which you are fishing so then you can match the hatch.

When fishing with soft plastics please do not be scared to try abnormal colours and profiles..

I hope that this has helped you understand more about lure fishing and targeting Bream around the pylons. Tight lines.

By Tyler Browne

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