Finding Fish in Hard Times – Tyler Browne

Just one more cast

Sometimes finding fish can become tough, but these are the times that can make the next fish that you catch feel like you have accomplished something in that fishing session.

The key to finding fish in these tough times is to keep casting, due to that the more your bait or lure is in the water means the more chance of catching a fish.

Normally during these tough times you may feel like you have cast thousands of time before even getting a bite, but anyone of these cast can produce a fish so you must stay aware and treat every cast like you are going to hook up to the fish of the life time.

Another key to finding fish during these time is to continually change it up whether it is your leader size, jig head size or lure colour, profile and size, it could be something little that can turn a bad fishing session to a good fishing session.

Sometimes when the fishing is tough I find that these are the best times to try different things, it might one of the most unexpected thing to produce a fish.  Also in these tough periods it is also a good idea to move to a different spot and when I chose a new fishing spot I always look for current point and structure that looks like it may hold bait or fish, a good example is a rocky outcrop with sand patches on a point.

I hope this help you catch fish, tight lines.


By Tyler Browne