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Gar Fishing Tactics

Gar Fishing

Gar fishing apart from Whiting and Toadfish, would have to be one of the best types of fishing for the kids. The great thing about Gar fishing is that you really only need the basics to get out there and have fun. Freshwater or Saltwater Gar fishing is an activity that they whole family can […]

Freshwater Fly Fishing Basics with James Fox

Hi Guys The fine Crew at Tackle Land have asked me to write up a basic getting started in Freshwater Fly Fishing segment.. Here are my own thoughts for those who are either already versed in Saltwater Fly and wishing to pursue something different or for those who would just like some tips on where […]

Tilapia Culling Tips

General Information Scientific Name: Tilapia, Oreochromis and Sarotherodon spp. Tilapia Overview Tilapia live in our freshwater ecosystems, but can also tolerate water that contains low levels of salt. Tilapia prefer warmer water temperatures such as our Queensland Fresh Waterways where they breed uninterrupted. Since the introduction into our waterways, Tilapia have become problematic invasive species […]

Saltwater Fly Fishing Basics

Presented by – Adam Griffiths Fly fishing in saltwater is a very rewarding and effective way to catch many species of fish from the humble flathead to Marlin. For a first time fly fisher it can be very daunting with different weight lines, rods, reels, and a vast array of flies and other bits that […]

Brisbane River Jew Fishing By Norman Forsythe

Brisbane River Jew Fishing AKA Jewies   General Being elusive species, distinguished from other fish through their metallic silver/bronze sheen, shield like scales and with a large concave tail, fish up to 30kg is not uncommon and records reach into the 90kg’s range. They reach sexual maturity at a length of 75cm, a 10kg Jewie […]

Squid Fishing Tactics by Aaron Edwards

    Species Overview Squid are not fish, they are cephalopods, invertebrate animals which are more closely related to molluscs than anything else. There are over 500 species of squid found in the world, however there are only 2 prevalent species in Moreton Bay, The Arrow Squid and its larger cousin the Tiger Squid or […]

Flathead Fishing Tactics

Flathead Fishing Tactics Estuary Waters Presented in conjunction with – Ted Gray Flathead are notable for their unusual body shape, upon which their hunting strategy is based. Flathead are dorsally compressed, meaning their body is wide but flattened and very low in height. Both eyes are on the top of the flattened head, giving excellent […]

Freshwater Fishing Tactics by Jason Garner

          Hello readers, I have put together this short report to hopefully share a few tips that I have learnt over the years with some keen anglers who are looking to have a go at freshwater fishing. In this report I will cover Lures, Bait, Rod/reel and Line selection, How to […]

Bream Fishing Tactics – Estuary Waters

Bream Fishing Tactics – By Ted Gray Bream are one of the easiest bread and butter species to catch in our area. It does not matter how old or young you are, Bream is a fish for everyone. You just have to know what they are biting on and where to look for them. Bream […]