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Fish Brait
New Fish Brait

Sometimes people have a great idea, well one has come along… Introducing “Brait” It looks like Bread, feels like Bread but it is not Bread!

As we know there are a lot of different fishing baits out there and we know that there are quite a few species that love eating Bread Baits.

Keeping the Bread Bait on the hook has always been the problem.

Now “Brait” has developed bread bait that stays on the hook a lot longer than traditional bread bait!

Brait is a bread bait that can be used just like any other bait. Just put it on your hook the same way as you would use Worms, Pipis, Pilchards etc.

It is not only Bream, Gar, Mullet, Tilapia, Bass, Carp and other surface feeding fish that get into a frenzy over bread!

Brait 38cm Bream
Brait strikes again with a 38cm Bream

As Scuba divers will attest, hundreds of species go crazy for bread and because BRAIT stays on the hook, fishermen can now also target deep water fish and also fish in rough water.

When taking the kids to a pond the most common thing thrown in the water (other than toys and hats!) is Bread. We have all seen how the fish react to the bread so imagine how effective bread fishing with Fish Brait is going to be…

Left over Brait, no problems as it will keep for up to 6 months!

Handy Hints:

  • Brait will absorb most flavors and oils.
  • Flavoring Brait with Shellfish and Molluscs make it even more irresistible.
  • For surface feeders try fishing without a sinker.
  • Bream take Brait better when fished with a “Brown” hook.
  • Burley the surface with small pieces of bread and wait until the bigger fish start attacking before you cast in Brait.

A few Facts about Brait

  • Brait smells just like bread.
  • Brait has a 6 month shelf life.
  • Brait does not need refrigeration.
  • Brait is completely natural and biodegradable.
  • Brait does not leave the “Normal Bait” smell on your hands
  • Kids love to throw bread in for the fish!
  • Brait is also an Aussie made and Brisbane made product!

Once you have used this new Fish Brait, grab your best photo and send it in to us so we can post up your success.

Maintain The Passion!


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