Tiemco Creepy Shrimp

Bream on Tiemco Creepy Shrimp

The Tiemco Creepy Shrimp has been a winner when chasing Flathead, Bream, Estuary Cod, Yellowtail Pike and many other species particularly when you think they have shut down for the day.

Over the past 12 months I have used the Tiemco Creepy Shrimp from Rockwalls, Piers, River Banks and walking the Flats. Given their small size and unique action these guys don’t last long in the water before they are carnaged!

When I first started to use this lure, all I had in the bag that was small enough was a packet of TT Headlockz 1/8 Size 2 so I fitted it out and went to work around the pontoons.

5 minutes in and I was hooked up to a small Trevor and it went off like a Zertec! This was followed shortly after by what I suspect was a small Jack, all I got was a glimpse before it bricked me in the pylons…

Other species have fallen victim to this little cracker after I changed to TT Hidden Weight 1/28 2H, Flathead, Bream, Estuary Cod, Grunter, Yellowtail Pike and of course…… A Cracking Sea Toad!!

To see more in the range visit: https://www.tiemco.co.jp/eng/groups/view/1523

Used in Fresh and Saltwater, this little guys really has stood up to a lot of other lures in the current market. Even though it is not made from the 10X material, I have landed plenty of the toothy critters and have been able to cast it straight back in for more punishment!

If you would like to see them in action, check out our Creepy Shrimp doing it’s stuff!

Tiemco Creepy Shrimp