Flathead Fishing Tactics

Flathead Fishing Tactics Estuary Waters Presented in conjunction with – Ted Gray Flathead are notable for their unusual body shape, upon which their hunting strategy is based. Flathead are dorsally compressed, meaning their body is wide but flattened and very low in height. Both eyes are on the top of the flattened head, giving excellent […]

Freshwater Fishing Tactics by Jason Garner

          Hello readers, I have put together this short report to hopefully share a few tips that I have learnt over the years with some keen anglers who are looking to have a go at freshwater fishing. In this report I will cover Lures, Bait, Rod/reel and Line selection, How to […]

Bream Fishing Tactics – Estuary Waters

Bream Fishing Tactics – By Ted Gray Bream are one of the easiest bread and butter species to catch in our area. It does not matter how old or young you are, Bream is a fish for everyone. You just have to know what they are biting on and where to look for them. Bream […]