Beach & Rock Lure Fishing by Matt Armistead

General Background For as long as I can remember I have found peace and inspiration from the being in, on or around the water in one way or another but every year I look forward to the tailor run along the SE Qld coastline and the opportunity to get my feet in the sand and […]

Beach Fishing Tips by Alvey Reels Australia

Rob's Greenback Tailor

Written by Rob Duncan Sand between the toes, pristine surrounds, the abundance of fauna & flora and of course those beautiful starry nights could be just a couple of reasons many people find the attraction of ‘getting away’ from it all and heading to the beach so appealing. The beach is certainly a terrific place […]

Handling Australian Bass

Australian Bass

 By Ashley Thamm Here’s a quick article highlighting a few key pointers I have learnt about handling Australian Bass over the last few years. 1) Always handle native fish with extreme care. Don’t take them from the water longer than you’d want your head held underwater and let’s face it that’s not very long at […]

Gar Fishing Tactics

Gar Fishing

Gar fishing apart from Whiting and Toadfish, would have to be one of the best types of fishing for the kids. The great thing about Gar fishing is that you really only need the basics to get out there and have fun. Freshwater or Saltwater Gar fishing is an activity that they whole family can […]

Tackle Land Tiemco Lure Range

Tiemco Lures at Tackle Land Sandgate When the fish are playing hard to get, you sometimes need to break out an equalizer! Tiemco Lures Australia have a very extensive range of lures that are rarely seen in Australia. The Japanese Market is fully of quality lures that can be hard to get your hands on […]

Freshwater Fly Fishing Basics with James Fox

Hi Guys The fine Crew at Tackle Land have asked me to write up a basic getting started in Freshwater Fly Fishing segment.. Here are my own thoughts for those who are either already versed in Saltwater Fly and wishing to pursue something different or for those who would just like some tips on where […]

Tilapia Culling Tips

General Information Scientific Name: Tilapia, Oreochromis and Sarotherodon spp. Tilapia Overview Tilapia live in our freshwater ecosystems, but can also tolerate water that contains low levels of salt. Tilapia prefer warmer water temperatures such as our Queensland Fresh Waterways where they breed uninterrupted. Since the introduction into our waterways, Tilapia have become problematic invasive species […]

Daiwa Sokkou Knot Tying Tool

With a lot of the Braided Lines becoming finer, Knots are becoming harder to tie! We would like to introduce the Daiwa Sokkou Knot Tool. The Sokkou Knot Tool is one of the simplest tools for tying leader connections in light braided lines to monofilament leader. Why use the Daiwa Sokkou Knot Tool? Traditional knots […]